Touch For Health

Just been doing my Touch For Health , it’s an incredible modality and the ability to use this to see if your physical pain is related to a emotional, nutritional, electrical or structural issue. We just have to know what to look for and how to listen for  what the body is telling use.

 Touch for health or kinesotherapy is using muscle testing a kind of biofeedback mechanism to indicate weather there is a weakness in the bodies’ energy, it can indicate what the sub conscience is doing as well.  A variety of touch and other techniques to are used to balance these energies.

It a really powerful tool to work things out when answers are hard to find, TFH ( touch for health ) is an energy therapy the work with a variety of different methodologies like Chinese medicine, chiropractic theorems, energy therapy, Tibetan medicine, and more I think.

 But muscle testing can be use with many ways, not just for balancing energy in the defense plain of the body. Plain being structural, electrical, emotion and nutritional.  I used to place some cup on a fellow student right in the area where her body wanted them, and to determine if a hypnosis treatment for a food dislike would be affective. So you see is can be a useful tool it treat people.

 I’m looking forward in using this new found tool in my practice…..