The power of mind and body healing

the more I learn about the body and the way it can heal and the way we can help it heal, is amazing and one of the biggest healing mechanisms we have is OUR MIND. the thoughts we Choose can help heal or hurt us, in so many ways.

Dr  Lissa Rankin talks about this. list to the story..Will you let yourself be a victim to your thought in the future

Marketing Food To Children

This is a great video on how food industry is more interested in money than you children lives.

Marketing is big business, and kids are the buyer of tomorrow and a great target because of their undeveloped mind to discern good food and junk food.

Cancer – The Forbidden Cure

This is a great Doco on curing cancer, and who is out there doing, yet so sad to hear that these people are persecuted just because they want to heal people.

When you are running BILLION dollar industry, why would you want a cure. when you make your money treating symptoms and not focusing on the cause.

The causes are in our foods, our air and our lives. remembering cancer is only a storage of the toxins in our body that the body has not be able to get rid of.


NLP and Massage

Had the the best massage session with a new clients, using NLP while massage to move her to a point of pain and to a point of healing and movement with ease and comfort.

To believe where pain is and is not is sometimes just a matter of changing your thinking. How we move and don’t move is a matter of knowing things can change.

The power of touch and words together for healing. She enjoyed 3 days of a diffident way to live life, before the injures spoke up again.

What is a Belief

I love this quote that describes a belief “A belief is formed when a message meets an emotional event.

When a message comes in via our 5 senses(visual, auditory,touch, smell, taste) we attract an emotional response to it. the greater the emotional the great the belief we have about the message.

Can beliefs change, yes if we change the meaning we attach to a message the emotional state will change.

Yet where does meaning come from, It comes From what we learn, what we are taught, values and our experiences. This is why we can get the same message and yet have a different meaning and belief about that message.

What we need to do as a society is respect people belief, and if we thing they are wrong to allow them to decide if it needs changing.

When we put a negative meaning on a message we create a negative belief, this is what can stop use from truly know the power with in us to Succeed in life. the word we use like ” I can’t, I am not, I have not, I am in the negative( I’m ugly)” these create the negative meaning. and thus disempower us.

So Change your meaning to shift your belief about yourself and your potential to succeed.

How Sweet It is NOT

I am at the moment learning Whole food medicine and nutritional medicine.

some information that I have come across regarding sugar and artificial sweeteners is something that opened my eyes and shocked me…

One lecturer came across it was fascinating about sugar, and How healthy it really is for our bodies. I could waffle on but why not hear it from the expert.

Xylitol & Stevia a natural sweetness without the harm that sugar has, or the calories

there is also artificial sweeteners on the market that have dramatic side-effects regardless if you consume just a little or a lot because it in so many things you cannot help consume allot. I am talking about aspartame AKA 951 AKA nutrasweet AKA sweeten low.

This is a documentary about aspartame its origins, the corruption to bring it to market and the pain and harm it has brought to people lives.

Food Intolerance

Not everything we put in our mouth the body can tolerate, using kinesiology or touch the health we can determine what food or drink is intolerable by the body.


Because everything around us has an energetic signature, the body has the ability to know what it is. If the body detects a signature and knows that it has to react to it, it will.


A fundamental principle of food intolerance testing in touch for health or kinesiology is to use the energetic signature of food and drink to look for an intolerance, when the the item is held to the body, the body detecting the signature of a food/drink, if there are years and intolerance of any level this will create a stress, this stress causing the indicator muscle to unlock and hence informing the practitioner of the intolerance. Other checks can be done to know the level of intolerance, whether the intolerance is electrical, emotional, nutritional or structurally based.


And if you do have an intolerance to a food your practitioner and then balance you up to accept this food in time. Not all foods can be balanced so the body will accept that. Your practitioner can inform you more about this you make an appointment.


But the body itself can tell you what it likes and does not like. Things to look for vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, bloating, cold sweats, headaches, nausea, gastric reflux, excessive urination.


Know your body and treated with love and it will treat you with love.


Power of the Mind

A met a woman who said she had an  allergy to peanuts, something did not feel right about the situation, so I asked are some questions… she had developed this allergy after her son had a bad reaction to peanuts. She just has to touch something that had come in contact with nuts and she would have a physiological reaction


I found it very odd that she developed this reaction after her son’s reaction. I asked it should be willing to do have a peanut tolerance test, using touch the health. I wrapped a peanut in a bit of paper and did the tests which came back negative.  Doctors have tested her with a positive reaction to peanuts. A naturopath also made the comments that she was not allergic to them.


The reactions she had suffered was psychological, she had created a negative belief around peanuts, there were negative anchors from her past that helps reinforce this belief.. She lives her life in fear of peanuts and those that have consumed or came in contact with peanuts.


After a little bit of coaching work with her I was able to shift her thinking. I spoke to her several weeks later, even though she had not eaten a peanut. The fear of being around peanuts and those that consume has gone. She said she could handle a jar of peanuts with out a reaction, she could dance with men that have consumed peanuts at party she would always keep a distance from food tables if she knew peanuts were present at a party.


If we have a negative belief or fear around something our mind from presenters it in physical state, rashes, breathing problems, fainting, pain, aging and more. The biggest question you should ask yourself is what am I gaining from this fear, that is holding me back.


Breast Reduction via Hypnosis

Using hypnosis to re-sculpt the body is not a new thing; the most common use of hypnosis to re-sculpt the body is in weight loss. There is much more we can do with hypnosis to have the body and we want without surgery.

At the moment I’m with of a friend to do a breast reduction via hypnosis, she currently wears a 16F bra and measures 107 cm across the bust. Uncomfortable with the weight of her breast she is decided do something about it and I offered to help. After four days I spoke to her and she commented “they seem to be higher”. This was after one session.

We are looking to bring it down to a 14DD, and look in around six sessions; this is to happen across a number of weeks depending on how frequent of the sessions.

I am not to using the standard process of hypnosis in this case; following the hypnosis session I use cupping and reflexology to help balance the breast energy. This is so the natural energy and health for the breast can continue while the reduction is being done.


I was working with the client, who I have been coaching over the last few months. I deliberately left 10c on the driveway, and 10c on the floor in a clinic to see if you would notice them and pick them up. Even though he dropped his notepad on the floor near the 10c it still remained on the floor. It was not important enough to think about even though he did see it. At the end of the session once is mindset shifted he put that 10c in his pocket then went looking for the one on the driveway in the twilight. He finally got it what it was about.

It had nothing to do with miser, but about notice in the small opportunities in life and picking them up.  It was about picking them up for oneself or pass them on.  Imagine if everyone picked up coins off the ground and put them in their money box, how much would they have. Or if they put them in two charity money boxes how much more would be out there for charities to use.

This client also attend a seminar that I was crewing, and the Speaker asked who wants $10, people put their hands up one woman walked up and stood in front of the Speaker, my clients hesitated because of limiting decisions. He knew what was going on and did not want to be greedy; $10 is not worth the effort of get out my spot and go down to the stage.  Eventually he acted and went up and took the $10 out of his hand. The principle of exercise “when the opportunity arises the people who takes action get rewarded”.

How many times do you not take action because you do not see the reward being big enough, you do not want to be perceived as greedy or there is always another opportunity? Do you think the rich and the powerful think like this. NO

What limiting decisions are stopping you from achieving success in any area of your life. Opportunities come every day of the week, it’s just that we don’t look for them, we don’t want to see them or they just too small to be bothered with.

What opportunities are you missing out on.