using NLP

I have found using NLP to shift there way of think is incredible, I love one comment a client made once “ I can’t believe it’s so simple” my response was “who said It’s hard”.  She had been used to conventional therapy session as a reference.

When we have different reference on how things can be done we shift our mind to a new possibility of solving problems.

Einstein said “the level of thinking that created a problem will not solve it”.  Until we move out mind to a different level of thinking we will be chasing your tail. How do we shift our thinking, well that what I do……Help people shift there thinking. Reading inspiring books, music, movies and surrounding yourself with people that are where you want to be.. Look, listen and feel for answer. A client told me a story of how he came up with a strapless bra for his client from a lamp post he saw in a movie. The feed back he got from here was “ it never slipped, and I didn’t feel I was going to fall out of it”. If he didn’t watch that movie would he have found the solution he need? The move inspired his creativity to create the solution, it shift his mind to a realm of possibility. Then use his skills and talent to create a product, if you don’t have the skills do you think you can find someone with them to help create?

How can NLP shift your thinking and your life.

I have found dealing with people and using NLP to shift there way of think is increadible.