I was working with the client, who I have been coaching over the last few months. I deliberately left 10c on the driveway, and 10c on the floor in a clinic to see if you would notice them and pick them up. Even though he dropped his notepad on the floor near the 10c it still remained on the floor. It was not important enough to think about even though he did see it. At the end of the session once is mindset shifted he put that 10c in his pocket then went looking for the one on the driveway in the twilight. He finally got it what it was about.

It had nothing to do with miser, but about notice in the small opportunities in life and picking them up.  It was about picking them up for oneself or pass them on.  Imagine if everyone picked up coins off the ground and put them in their money box, how much would they have. Or if they put them in two charity money boxes how much more would be out there for charities to use.

This client also attend a seminar that I was crewing, and the Speaker asked who wants $10, people put their hands up one woman walked up and stood in front of the Speaker, my clients hesitated because of limiting decisions. He knew what was going on and did not want to be greedy; $10 is not worth the effort of get out my spot and go down to the stage.  Eventually he acted and went up and took the $10 out of his hand. The principle of exercise “when the opportunity arises the people who takes action get rewarded”.

How many times do you not take action because you do not see the reward being big enough, you do not want to be perceived as greedy or there is always another opportunity? Do you think the rich and the powerful think like this. NO

What limiting decisions are stopping you from achieving success in any area of your life. Opportunities come every day of the week, it’s just that we don’t look for them, we don’t want to see them or they just too small to be bothered with.

What opportunities are you missing out on.