Quit smoking easy to do

Who said quitting smoking was hard, is it those who have tried and fail, those who make money from you trying to quit, or is it a belief you create.

I see commercials on TV telling us quitting is hard to Quit,  to make it easy use our product. If we subscribe to what they say what belief will we create in the way of quitting. If those who have quit tell you “I did it but it was hard” what will you think?

How many time have you seen a movie and was told it was crape only to watch it with much delay to find you like it, and a movie that you hated that other people like. Why…..we make judgments based on our references and experiences. How we view something is not always how other view it. So what reference do you want about quitting Smoking, and when would you like to quit Now. And how Easy is it to Do Now. That’s right you can do it Now if you truly Want 2.

When I did my hypnosis training w spent a bit of time on smoking and it’s facts and myths. It was said that smoking is not addictive….WOW….some people would like you to think it was, you will have craving for it….the behavior associated with smoking is more addictive. A reason to duck out during work, it’s the social side, the feeling you get, there was a big list of behaviors read out. I also learnt the tobacco leaves are cured in sugar water….so you are getting a sugar hit with each smoke. That’s why a lot of people turn to sweet when they quit they miss the sugar hit…..

Can hypnosis help you quit, yes if you wanted to. 

Some question to ask yourself.

  • Do you want to quit.
  • Why do you want to quit
  • What do your get out of not quitting.
  • What does not quitting give you.  This
  • What will you lose if you don’t quit.
  • When do you smoke and why.

NLP and hypnosis is a great way to see a healthy change for your lungs