Weight loss, mind over matter

Weight loss, this is big thing when it comes to misunderstanding dieting and weight loss programs. The thinks weight loss companies want you to believe that you have to follow this plan, drink this will be the eat that. I have listened to and read, from physiologist, nutritionist, hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, Doctors, Chinese medicines and it philosophies. And I have come to the understanding that weight loss is not that hard to achieve.  It is said that 15% of the population could not lose weight because of medical conditions; I believe the figure is far less. If something is broken then it will create problems, if it is a matter of switching something back on in the subconscious mind to get your weight loss into gear.

I went to a Adelaide for a wedding and 4 days later after eating heap of Italian food, I came back 4 kg heavier. But yes after learning NLP and hypnosis my thinking of food and weight loss was very different.  I was able to go to a seminar at a 6 star hotel eat baffet breakfast, lunch and diners …and I eat like an Italian would with all that food. Going back for seconds and thirds……. I return home 4 days later with no change in my weight …..WOW you might be thinking. I told my subconscious mind that the food does not serve me to be binned quickly and it did, and you would think a six star hotel would have soft toilet paper.

If you deprive you yourself of food, your body will go in to storage or  survival mode, since the amount and frequency of eat is not set the body will go and store what it can when it can. This is why when you starve yourself to lose weight and you eat something you gain weight very quickly and easily. Simple rules I learnt….eat when you are hungry….eat slowly, chewing properly…when you are full stop. It is said it takes 20 minutes for the signal to state your fall to go from his stomach to your brain, it is said that when your stomach is 60 to 80% fall the signal is sent. This is why kids don’t finish every thing, have you noticed how slow kids eat and how well went to their food….once I learnt this I stop forcing my son to eat every thing on his plate and rushing him to finish. I love what Paul Mckenna said about the clean plate club. “ how does eating every thing on my plate help the starving kids in Africa”.  And for those people who have the mindset of waste not, want not. You will not get any extra nutrition from over eating, and it will still come out as waste. Now the garden and bird get a feed to.

The last thing is our person beliefs that stop use from losing weight….What do I mean….negative belief and emotions around being thin can stop you from losing weight. When you think of thing people what comes to mind straight away. When you were thin who did to attract in your life, for one client she attracted very poor quality men. Men that did not give her freedom and flexibility in her life.  For a very long time she tried to lose weight with this negative belief of attracting the wrong type of person if she became thin.  Once that living decision was removed within a week she said her clothes were looser.    Part of her was wanting to move towards being thin, and another part was moving away from it because of this negative belief.