Breast Reduction via Hypnosis

Using hypnosis to re-sculpt the body is not a new thing; the most common use of hypnosis to re-sculpt the body is in weight loss. There is much more we can do with hypnosis to have the body and we want without surgery.

At the moment I’m with of a friend to do a breast reduction via hypnosis, she currently wears a 16F bra and measures 107 cm across the bust. Uncomfortable with the weight of her breast she is decided do something about it and I offered to help. After four days I spoke to her and she commented “they seem to be higher”. This was after one session.

We are looking to bring it down to a 14DD, and look in around six sessions; this is to happen across a number of weeks depending on how frequent of the sessions.

I am not to using the standard process of hypnosis in this case; following the hypnosis session I use cupping and reflexology to help balance the breast energy. This is so the natural energy and health for the breast can continue while the reduction is being done.