Power of the Mind

A met a woman who said she had an  allergy to peanuts, something did not feel right about the situation, so I asked are some questions… she had developed this allergy after her son had a bad reaction to peanuts. She just has to touch something that had come in contact with nuts and she would have a physiological reaction


I found it very odd that she developed this reaction after her son’s reaction. I asked it should be willing to do have a peanut tolerance test, using touch the health. I wrapped a peanut in a bit of paper and did the tests which came back negative.  Doctors have tested her with a positive reaction to peanuts. A naturopath also made the comments that she was not allergic to them.


The reactions she had suffered was psychological, she had created a negative belief around peanuts, there were negative anchors from her past that helps reinforce this belief.. She lives her life in fear of peanuts and those that have consumed or came in contact with peanuts.


After a little bit of coaching work with her I was able to shift her thinking. I spoke to her several weeks later, even though she had not eaten a peanut. The fear of being around peanuts and those that consume has gone. She said she could handle a jar of peanuts with out a reaction, she could dance with men that have consumed peanuts at party she would always keep a distance from food tables if she knew peanuts were present at a party.


If we have a negative belief or fear around something our mind from presenters it in physical state, rashes, breathing problems, fainting, pain, aging and more. The biggest question you should ask yourself is what am I gaining from this fear, that is holding me back.