How Sweet It is NOT

I am at the moment learning Whole food medicine and nutritional medicine.

some information that I have come across regarding sugar and artificial sweeteners is something that opened my eyes and shocked me…

One lecturer came across it was fascinating about sugar, and How healthy it really is for our bodies. I could waffle on but why not hear it from the expert.

Xylitol & Stevia a natural sweetness without the harm that sugar has, or the calories

there is also artificial sweeteners on the market that have dramatic side-effects regardless if you consume just a little or a lot because it in so many things you cannot help consume allot. I am talking about aspartame AKA 951 AKA nutrasweet AKA sweeten low.

This is a documentary about aspartame its origins, the corruption to bring it to market and the pain and harm it has brought to people lives.