What is a Belief

I love this quote that describes a belief “A belief is formed when a message meets an emotional event.

When a message comes in via our 5 senses(visual, auditory,touch, smell, taste) we attract an emotional response to it. the greater the emotional the great the belief we have about the message.

Can beliefs change, yes if we change the meaning we attach to a message the emotional state will change.

Yet where does meaning come from, It comes From what we learn, what we are taught, values and our experiences. This is why we can get the same message and yet have a different meaning and belief about that message.

What we need to do as a society is respect people belief, and if we thing they are wrong to allow them to decide if it needs changing.

When we put a negative meaning on a message we create a negative belief, this is what can stop use from truly know the power with in us to Succeed in life. the word we use like ” I can’t, I am not, I have not, I am in the negative( I’m ugly)” these create the negative meaning. and thus disempower us.

So Change your meaning to shift your belief about yourself and your potential to succeed.