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  • enjoyed ever knowing you,~you have been an agent of change in my life (Melysa C)
  • Ron has a genuine tenderness and care for his clients and the ability to really get to the heart and crux of the issue without letting you off the hook. Ron continues to give outside of his personal sessions that kept me on track and inspired about life. Ron kept surprising me with his insight and unique and original approach to coaching in a way that related to me directly and in the way i communicated and was able to understand the best. I can highly recommend Ron and with no reservation recommend him to coach and move you past points in your life that you are having difficulty with. He's a true testament to wanting to help others, he is caring and has a holistic approach to coaching where he can help on a physical level as well with massage and other healing methods, which from experience he is absolutely fantastic at as well. To great success, thanks Ron.
    (Sam C: Real-estate Agent)
  • I have noticed a significant change in the way I think, feel and act since meeting with Ron. I am now more conscious of challenging my negative and limiting thoughts to encourage positive and constructive action towards the goals which are truly important to me.
    Liz Kearney:
    Liz Kearney Singing
  • "I can't believe it's that easy" Releasing negative emotions....(RH: Mum)
  • Thanks so much for the session lastnight. I had an amazing day today!! I arrived to work on time. I worked with someone who works for one of the pacemaker companies and we discussed possibilities of doing some locum work with them (very very good, ties in with IBHRE exam and future work possibilities and yes, the image of working with them made me excited.) I ate lunch with two work colleagues who I like. And yes, they gravitated towards me! :) There was no need to look around for the other girls to have someone to hang out with. I was with good company. When one of the girls started moaning and groaning at me during work, I announced I was going to make a cup of tea, and left the room, and then didn't return to listen to her rubbish. I went to Torquay and bought a new wetsuit!! While there, I made a connection with someone who may be able to teach me to surf. Something else I've always wanted to get better at. I went to the movies with some girls from work. One of them had an interview at a hospital in Melbourne and said she'd let me know if there was any locum work. Great for spreading my working week at different sites. Also, the movie was great and I felt very relaxed amongst my friends who I have chosen to allow in. Myself and 2 of the girls from work, made a flyer advertising the next two social evenings - bowling and rock climbing. (psychic much Ron...?) I had text messages from 4 different friends today. My weekend is filling up, allowing me to move towards the people I want to spend time with, rather than away from feeling isolated and hanging out with anyone. I have located the book - How to win friends and influence people. Things went really well today. Thanks very much!! And tomorrow, there will be a doctor from Argentina doing the procedures and I will speak Spanish to him. I hope you had a great day and that you sorted out all of your computer issues. Take care and thanks again. You have made a really significant difference to my life....JT
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