Quit smoking easy to do

Who said quitting smoking was hard, is it those who have tried and fail, those who make money from you trying to quit, or is it a belief you create.

I see commercials on TV telling us quitting is hard to Quit,  to make it easy use our product. If we subscribe to what they say what belief will we create in the way of quitting. If those who have quit tell you “I did it but it was hard” what will you think?

How many time have you seen a movie and was told it was crape only to watch it with much delay to find you like it, and a movie that you hated that other people like. Why…..we make judgments based on our references and experiences. How we view something is not always how other view it. So what reference do you want about quitting Smoking, and when would you like to quit Now. And how Easy is it to Do Now. That’s right you can do it Now if you truly Want 2.

When I did my hypnosis training w spent a bit of time on smoking and it’s facts and myths. It was said that smoking is not addictive….WOW….some people would like you to think it was, you will have craving for it….the behavior associated with smoking is more addictive. A reason to duck out during work, it’s the social side, the feeling you get, there was a big list of behaviors read out. I also learnt the tobacco leaves are cured in sugar water….so you are getting a sugar hit with each smoke. That’s why a lot of people turn to sweet when they quit they miss the sugar hit…..

Can hypnosis help you quit, yes if you wanted to. 

Some question to ask yourself.

  • Do you want to quit.
  • Why do you want to quit
  • What do your get out of not quitting.
  • What does not quitting give you.  This
  • What will you lose if you don’t quit.
  • When do you smoke and why.

NLP and hypnosis is a great way to see a healthy change for your lungs

Weight loss, mind over matter

Weight loss, this is big thing when it comes to misunderstanding dieting and weight loss programs. The thinks weight loss companies want you to believe that you have to follow this plan, drink this will be the eat that. I have listened to and read, from physiologist, nutritionist, hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, Doctors, Chinese medicines and it philosophies. And I have come to the understanding that weight loss is not that hard to achieve.  It is said that 15% of the population could not lose weight because of medical conditions; I believe the figure is far less. If something is broken then it will create problems, if it is a matter of switching something back on in the subconscious mind to get your weight loss into gear.

I went to a Adelaide for a wedding and 4 days later after eating heap of Italian food, I came back 4 kg heavier. But yes after learning NLP and hypnosis my thinking of food and weight loss was very different.  I was able to go to a seminar at a 6 star hotel eat baffet breakfast, lunch and diners …and I eat like an Italian would with all that food. Going back for seconds and thirds……. I return home 4 days later with no change in my weight …..WOW you might be thinking. I told my subconscious mind that the food does not serve me to be binned quickly and it did, and you would think a six star hotel would have soft toilet paper.

If you deprive you yourself of food, your body will go in to storage or  survival mode, since the amount and frequency of eat is not set the body will go and store what it can when it can. This is why when you starve yourself to lose weight and you eat something you gain weight very quickly and easily. Simple rules I learnt….eat when you are hungry….eat slowly, chewing properly…when you are full stop. It is said it takes 20 minutes for the signal to state your fall to go from his stomach to your brain, it is said that when your stomach is 60 to 80% fall the signal is sent. This is why kids don’t finish every thing, have you noticed how slow kids eat and how well went to their food….once I learnt this I stop forcing my son to eat every thing on his plate and rushing him to finish. I love what Paul Mckenna said about the clean plate club. “ how does eating every thing on my plate help the starving kids in Africa”.  And for those people who have the mindset of waste not, want not. You will not get any extra nutrition from over eating, and it will still come out as waste. Now the garden and bird get a feed to.

The last thing is our person beliefs that stop use from losing weight….What do I mean….negative belief and emotions around being thin can stop you from losing weight. When you think of thing people what comes to mind straight away. When you were thin who did to attract in your life, for one client she attracted very poor quality men. Men that did not give her freedom and flexibility in her life.  For a very long time she tried to lose weight with this negative belief of attracting the wrong type of person if she became thin.  Once that living decision was removed within a week she said her clothes were looser.    Part of her was wanting to move towards being thin, and another part was moving away from it because of this negative belief.

using NLP

I have found using NLP to shift there way of think is incredible, I love one comment a client made once “ I can’t believe it’s so simple” my response was “who said It’s hard”.  She had been used to conventional therapy session as a reference.

When we have different reference on how things can be done we shift our mind to a new possibility of solving problems.

Einstein said “the level of thinking that created a problem will not solve it”.  Until we move out mind to a different level of thinking we will be chasing your tail. How do we shift our thinking, well that what I do……Help people shift there thinking. Reading inspiring books, music, movies and surrounding yourself with people that are where you want to be.. Look, listen and feel for answer. A client told me a story of how he came up with a strapless bra for his client from a lamp post he saw in a movie. The feed back he got from here was “ it never slipped, and I didn’t feel I was going to fall out of it”. If he didn’t watch that movie would he have found the solution he need? The move inspired his creativity to create the solution, it shift his mind to a realm of possibility. Then use his skills and talent to create a product, if you don’t have the skills do you think you can find someone with them to help create?

How can NLP shift your thinking and your life.

I have found dealing with people and using NLP to shift there way of think is increadible.

Massage is the healing art

Massage is the healing art of physical touching to manipulating the soft tissue or energetic touched to move or transfer energy to and around of  the body to promote health and well-being.

There are many different type of massage:

Physical Massage

  • Relaxation/Swedish
  • Sports
  • Remedial
  • Therapeutic
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Cupping
  • Acupressure
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Hot Rock
  • Touch For Health
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Aromatherapy

Energetic Massage

  • Reiki
  • Chakra
  • Crystal
  • Ora Massage

What Is The Right Massage For Me

That depends on what your bodies needs, are you stress, in pain  there is no hard and fast rule for this. the best thing to do is go have the different types of massage done so you and your body have a knowledge of what it’s about and your body will tell you what your need and when.

Who Do I Go To For A Massage

The best way to find a massage therapist is to as a friend, at least you will now what to expect and what it will cost, through an association or a local directory service.

Things to know

  • Have the a certificate/diploma with more than 100 hours of study
  • Are they part of an association (optional)
  • Professional Insurance

You may get a massage from a person and thing it’s the best and tell a friend and they go and not think it was so hot. One I used to talk about to students coming into the shop. Massage is about energy. regardless if it’s physical or energetic. if the energy between you and there therapist is blah you will get a blah massage, if there is a great connection your massage will be better. it might be you have to try different people. It also is about the therapist passion to heal will mean there is a higher energy in the session.

What To Expect

This is what I do and what I was tort

  • They will ask why you are there.
  • They will ask  for medical history, life style, fill out a client card
  • Depending on the session motion tests
  • The therapist will give you directions on how they want you to lie on the table.
  • The therapist will give you directions about getting undressed, remember you only have to remove at much clothing as you feel comfortable with or what is required by the treatment. Ladies your bra is optional as it can be unclipped and clipped backup.  Leave undies on we need to tuck the towel in somewhere.
  • Massage therapist work with informed consent, this mean they have to ask if you want body parts done and if you want them exposed. but if they forget to ask TELL them you don’t want something massages, TELL them if  you don’t want a part of your body uncovered or exposed. Areas that can be left out breasts, bums, feet, tummy are the main ones
  • The therapist will leave the room to allow you to get undress, please wait for them to do so.  And they will leave to allow you to get dressed.

Cupping Therapy

I’ve been doing cupping therapy for over 15 years, and have seen good result from cupping therapy.  Cupping is a process of remove the air from a cup then places it on the skin. Cupping can bring out cold, blood stagnation, heat and damp, According to Chinese medicine these are all pathogens for the body, this means they can cause disruptions to the body’s energy flow.  In Chinese medicine, when there is an interruption or disturbance in the flow of Qi (life energy) you get unwellness in the body.

When you have had cupping done, you are some times left with a thing looking like a bruise, this is not a bruise but a cup mark, the difference is a cup mark should not hurt when it’s touched.

The colour of the mark is dependant on the level of blood stagnation in the muscle, stagnation happens when the muscle get tight and no longer contracts properly to help  pumps the blood back to the heart..  The Australian Institute of Sport did a biopsy of a cup make once and the test came back deoxygenised blood. The oxygen level of the blood got depleted as it was sitting there for so long. We know blood carries old and bad stuff to be cleaned, image it just sitting there. Cupping bring that stagnate blood to the surface for the lymph to carry away.

I treated a client a long time ago and her cup mark we cold, it was like someone left an ice cold drink on her back. This is normally a result of the body being exposed to cold wind, cold rooms even leaning against cold surfaces. This is mostly referred to a chill in the muscle.

I have seen all manner of cup marks in my time on clients and myself. Sometime it looks quite scary, a friend and acupuncturist came in for cupping on here shoulder and she came out will some great marks. Being a hot day she wore a tank top, she didn’t mind the marks showing. A woman came up and abused her for staying in a bad relationship, and another said “you poor dear”. She did have to explain what they were.  Police have been called in because of the marks on kids and teachers not aware of what they are. My nephew loves showing his off at school; the teachers there know what they are so it was no big deal.

One night I was up at mum’s and she was cupping my nephew (I tort her how) and my 2yo niece lay on the ground and was trying to life her top so she could get cupped. So I did her back.

When Gwyneth Paltrow turn up for a New York film premiere in a low cut top revealing a back covered in large circular marks. It gave cupping a boost in awarenessGwyneth Paltrow

Cupping should not hurt, if so, there is too much suction and tell the practitioner this.

There are 2 types of cupping that I do:

Stationary:  This mean the cups sit in one place and are normally placed on acupuncture point or acu (a-shoe) points meaning point of pain. But some methods place cups randomly, I did a workshop once and they went through the different cultures that have used cupping. And they tort blanket cupping, this is where a particular parts of the body is covered in cups. This feels so cool.

Sliding:  This is where the cups are put on with a little less suction and with the aid of oil on the body to slide it around the body. This can leave red marks and if it is over done it can leave you feeling sore. This method is great for bringing out heat.

There are 2 types of cupping equipment that practitioners use:

Vacuum Cups, this is where there air is removed using a vacuum pump, this is a quick and easy method for doing cupping  which mean it great for clinic and home users after they learn how.

Flame Cups, this is where a flame is used to heat the air inside to create the vacuum, Not recommended for untrained people as it can lead to burns.

Benefits of cupping

  • Improve circulations
  • Remove blood stagnation
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Remove cold, heat and dampness from the body
  • Help with cellulite
  • Helps with scaring and stretchmarks
  • Restores energy flow
  • Relieves pain
  • Help get over cold and flu faster
  • Sports injuries

There are a load of things cupping can help with, but like all therapies there are the few people that won’t find help here. The only way to know if it can help you is to have a try.

Touch For Health

Just been doing my Touch For Health , it’s an incredible modality and the ability to use this to see if your physical pain is related to a emotional, nutritional, electrical or structural issue. We just have to know what to look for and how to listen for  what the body is telling use.

 Touch for health or kinesotherapy is using muscle testing a kind of biofeedback mechanism to indicate weather there is a weakness in the bodies’ energy, it can indicate what the sub conscience is doing as well.  A variety of touch and other techniques to are used to balance these energies.

It a really powerful tool to work things out when answers are hard to find, TFH ( touch for health ) is an energy therapy the work with a variety of different methodologies like Chinese medicine, chiropractic theorems, energy therapy, Tibetan medicine, and more I think.

 But muscle testing can be use with many ways, not just for balancing energy in the defense plain of the body. Plain being structural, electrical, emotion and nutritional.  I used to place some cup on a fellow student right in the area where her body wanted them, and to determine if a hypnosis treatment for a food dislike would be affective. So you see is can be a useful tool it treat people.

 I’m looking forward in using this new found tool in my practice…..